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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bride and Groom Flip Flops

I needed to create a project with pendants for a newsletter. This is what I came up with ,"Bride and Groom Flip Flops". I think that they are a perfect gift for a Bridal shower. To re create this project you need two photos, scrap paper, pendants, silver pen, Melting Pot, clear UTEE, Dazzle Tac glue, flat back swarovski crystal, ribbon, flowers, scissors and flip flops. To start you will need to melt the clear UTEE in the melting pot. Then cut your photos to fit the pendants. Cut scrap paper to fit pendant and write "Bride" and "Groom" on each piece. Atach photos and scrap paper to pendants with Dazzle tac. Next you will fill the pendants with the melted Clear UTEE. Set aside to dry. Tie a narrow ribbon around each pendant. Now everything else is pretty much layering. Make 2 bows with a wider ribbon. Attach a flower on top of wide bow using a small amount of Dazzle Tac glue. Attach pendants to flowers then attach to flip flops. Ta da! A pretty quick and easy personal gift.


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