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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Tag Pin wheel Card

I have always liked the look of pin wheel cards but have always thought that they took too much time. Well I was wrong. This card was so simple and fun to make. I punched out seven small tags with my Stampin up tag punch. It is kind of hard to explain how to fold the punch. Start with the bottom left corner of the punch and fold it to the upper right corner. Then you will fold it back over. Hope that makes sense. You can look at the picture and tell what I did. I put ZIP Dry Paper glue by Beacon under the folds to keep them down. I then attached each tag to the cardstock and attached a flat back pearl to the center. Send me a copy of a card you made like this. I would love to see your different designs. It is amazing how every one can make the same card but it will look so different.


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